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Welcome to GNW TV Fans!

Formerly known as sideshow_fans, dedicated to ABC TV's The Sideshow, we have risen from the ashes (all phoenix-y) to be reborn as GNW TV Fans, dedicated to the fantastic production company that's bought us The Glass House, The Sideshow, and now Good News Week again.

Some useful links: the official Good News Week site | GNW episode guide | episode reaction posts

Some rules for playing in this community:

1) The first and most important rule - don't be a twat.

2) If you're posting images, you must put them under a cut. With icons, you can have up to four outside a cut as a preview, with screencaps, you can have ONE outside which is no larger than 400x300. There are still people using dial-up after all!

3) Please remember to tag your posts! When you post, click Edit Tags and select the appropriate ones for it. If the one you want doesn't exist, please ask me. You can use more than one.

4) If you're posting anything long, like lyrics, please put them behind a cut! If you don't know how, here's a quick run-through.

[lj-cut]Here's where you put the text that will be cut.[/lj-cut]

Replace the square brackets with the pointy ones, of course.

5) There is to be no speculation or discussion of the private lives of the people involved in GNW TV (or, quite frankly, anyone else). Posts that do so will be deleted. And rampant fangirlism is discouraged - if you do, please use a cut. No one wants to hear about how much you love [insert person]'s [insert anatomical feature].

6) Anything to do with downloads - whether they be requests or links - MUST be friends locked. When you post, there's a thing next to the 'Post to gnw_tv_fans' button that says, 'Show this entry to:'. Select 'friends'.

7) Please try not to get off-topic or spam-ish. Things related to GNW TV productions and the performers that appear in them are fine, but spam for the sake of spam isn't, and your posts will be deleted.

8) Introduction posts, for when you're new to the comm, are allowed but generally don't happen. If you do, please put them under a cut.

9) Enjoy! This comm is for everyone who loves GNW TV. Use your common sense to make sure that everyone can enjoy it, and that no wars are unnecessarily declared.


GNW TV belongs to our favourite evil genius, Ted Robinson.
Good News Week belongs to GNW TV and Channel Ten.
The Glass House and The Sideshow belong to GNW TV and ABC TV.
GNW TV Fans layout courtesy of the wonderful quotha, icon by the fabulous vernilla.