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GNW Fanfiction [25 Jan 2013|08:21pm]

I write GNW/DAAS/The Sideshow fanfiction and I'm creating a hub of great stories by multiple authors.

For excellent fanfiction to read go here:http://tangawarra.wordpress.com/

If you write Good News Week etc fanfiction then I would love to add it to the site so please get in touch.

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GNW final show ever (ever?) [28 Apr 2012|04:43pm]

Just a heads up that the supposedly final ever broadcasted show of Good News Week (classic style) will be on tonight — Saturday 28 April 2012, Channel Ten from 1830H-2030H.

Two hours apparently.

Here we go again!
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Alright. Here's an update. [09 May 2011|10:16pm]

As Paul said right at the end of the episode, this is the last GNW that'll go to air for a while. They're officially on a production break and are going to come back in about twelve or so weeks sometime in August.

As for the second episode recorded on Saturday, none of us regulars know what's happening with that. It might go to air in the next few weeks, it might not ever go to air at all. We just don't know.

That's all for now.
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Faster than a speeding reaction post! [09 May 2011|08:51pm]

Sorry about the delay, there was a cat on me.
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So. [01 May 2011|09:37pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

GNW didn't get the Logie.

But at least it didn't go to Hey Hey or Sunrise.

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Great Debate! [25 Apr 2011|08:32pm]

React! I probably won't liveblog this (I'm in another room today and won't have computer access much), but have fun with it. Spot the regular! ;)
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I'll take reaction posts for two hundred! [18 Apr 2011|08:46pm]

You said it, Mikey, can't take it back!
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That was quick. [18 Apr 2011|10:41am]

[ mood | sick ]

According to both TV Tonight and TV Week, the 2011 Great Debate will go to air next Monday (25 April) at 8:30pm.

I think that's the quickest turnaround time I've ever seen, ngl.

ETA: Don't forget that tonight's GNW is also on at 8:30!

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If this reaction post's rocking, I'm probably being attacked by fruit bats [11 Apr 2011|09:27pm]

Just add sugar, and you've got traffic jam!
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Half heads up, half reaction post! [04 Apr 2011|06:03pm]

This is both a heads-up (HEY GUYS, the Gala is on channel ten, 8:30 tonight!), half reaction post, since your mods will largely... not be around. Have fun!
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